CS gas canister – Egypt – Tah1

In Egypt on November 24, 2011 by teargasid

CS canister found in Tahrir by @msheshtawy

Product info:

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3 Responses to “CS gas canister – Egypt – Tah1”

  1. Are there any images of the base of this cartridge? It should have a headstamp on it that would help with a more certain identification. Thanks.

  2. It is chemring. It is an No 25 (chemical composition) CS projectile round, produced at their factory just outside Derby, UK.

    There are two types of anti-riot weapons…or ‘countermeasures’ in CDUK parlance produced here – the baton round above, and a larger rubber bodied grenade.
    Both contain several smaller shells – 23 in the case of the rubber grenade filled with compressed tablets of powder CS, mixed with a composite of G40 gunpowder and acetone, and encased in a sheet of cambric – a fabric soaked in gunpowder. The whole thing is then placed into either the metal or rubber body, and topped with a delay assembly (1.5 second) and a striker containing a percussion cap which is hit when the ring is pulled.

  3. Thst should read N225, not No 25

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