CS gas canister – Egypt – Tah9

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M-518 Riot CS gas canister, photo by @toriaar

Product info:

Defense technology: Riot control CS (Package look different but its supposed to same item)

MSDS:  Riot Control Grenad – 1082

*The reason the numbers on picture and data sheet are different is probably due to company changing naming-systems. Its still belived to be the same product (as evident by link below). If you have information otherwise, please leave a comment.

Riot control: Specification manual (2006)


7 Responses to “CS gas canister – Egypt – Tah9”

  1. Can you show how that connection was made between the two?

  2. Yes. The connection is first based on a hit in the producers of the CS gas`s database which gives 1 hit for search on “518” and that is “Riot Control Grenad – 1082”. The second connection is the “specification manual (2006)” that is linked to at the bottom of the post. That document indicates different ID`s or names for the same product. (You see it in the top table denoted: “Code recognition”)

    Hope this makes it more clear. And thanks for asking.

  3. Both the one in the picture and the one in the manual have “Federal Laboratories” printed on it too.

  4. Ok. Independently, I ended up in the same place so I agree with you. I went the long way, tracing every step of CS 518 which was used during the ’77 Egyptian riots under Sadat
    “When the working people saw that the police tear gas cans were marked “CS 518 Federal Laboratories Inc, Saltsburg, Pennsyl- vania, USA”, they broke into loud anti-American slogans”

    I sadly wonder just how old that canister is. Federal Laboratories used to be the major provider of tear gas to Israel. It’s changed its affiliations so many times, like a musical chair of death.

    Right now it’s with Defense Technology which is part of BAE SYSTEMS PRODUCTS GROUP that can trace its “history back to 1560 when the Royal Powder Factory was established at Waltham Abbey in Essex”.

    BAE Systems is a
    British multinational defence, security and aerospace company headquartered in London, United Kingdom, that has global interests, particularly in North America through its subsidiary BAE Systems Inc

    They’re scum criminals of the lowest sort, without even taking the tear gas into account. See their wiki & Sourcewatch page:

    This teargas shows up in


    Bahrain,,HRW,,BHR,,4dad204b1a,0.html &


    Egypt, 1977“CS+518″+tear+gas&source=bl&ots=_YbVYdKU7z&sig=rtmR0Zx5UgM4MobotPNV8-8xpsg&hl=en&ei=Zr_OTuvdEYLKgQfEkYSrDQ&sa=X&oi=book_result&ct=result&resnum=1&ved=0CB4Q6AEwAA#v=onepage&q=%22CS%20518%22%20tear%20gas&f=false

  5. […] past experiences is anything to go by (review the Tah9 case), this is produced by Federal laboratories. And one can read the labeling “518E RIOT […]

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