Liquid ferret canister – Egypt – Tah11

In Egypt on November 25, 2011 by teargasid

This appears to be some sort of ferret canister, photo by @ahmadheshmat via @Catherina_News

No “confirmed” ID on this one yet.

*But speculations is down the line of something like this.

If you have information on this item, please use the comment field below or tweet at @tg_id


2 Responses to “Liquid ferret canister – Egypt – Tah11”

  1. Mortar-launched tear gas canister. We IDed this one a few days ago; lemme see if I can track down the make and model.

  2. Liquid ferret tear gas round. ” Defense Technology Barricade Penetrating Projectiles” The US govt used a ton of them at WACO

    “the Bradleys would deliver liquid ferret rounds into all windows and openings in the church. These were 40 mm shells delivered by grenade launchers that can penetrate a wall or hollow door from 20 yards away.”

    And well well well, what do you know, Defense Technologies again.

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