NF01 – CS gas – Egypt – Tah12

In Egypt on November 25, 2011 by teargasid Tagged:

This canister was found in Tharir, close-up photo by @marcomohamed

There is no ID on this yet.

Looks like the producers name is NORINCO.

At least, its Made in China – and have “product number” NF01


3 Responses to “NF01 – CS gas – Egypt – Tah12”

  1. I tried to search for this i found the Chinese producer Nornico (North Industries Corp) but their website doesn’t offer much either in English or Chinese (note that they changed their logo)

    I found a forum which has some info on another canister made by Norinco but called NF02 if that helps:

  2. Awesome that we’re all working together to figure out what this shit is. There’s so many different ones! Bad craziness.

  3. Was anything else found about this? A canister was found last night in Tahrir exactly like this. The date of manufacture indicates that it is expired.

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