Small unmarked tear gas canister – Egypt – Tah14

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There have been several observations of unmarked tear gas canisters being used.

This small canister is reported to have released a gas that is “worse” than normal CS gas. Photo by @toriaar

There is no ID on these yet.

And off course, it would be practically impossible to ID from this photo only.

Though, someone somewhere must know something about it.


2 Responses to “Small unmarked tear gas canister – Egypt – Tah14”

  1. it must be one of these:

    usually the writing is on a thin plastic sheet and it melts when fired that is why usually no writing is found on these one

  2. I dunno.. I’m skeptical of noura’s comment.

    I think these are some homespun Egyptian shit. Worse than CS? I think so.. at least some of what they’re using might be: Apparently the hospital at the Hardee’s on the square was calling for neurologists to come. Not good. Also the CST ( stuff looks painted on, not with a plastic sheet.

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