Tear gas canister – Egypt – Man1

In Egypt on November 25, 2011 by teargasid

Tear gas canister found in Mansoura, posted on youtube, November 23rd by Al-Masry Al-Youm via @Catherina_News

Apparently, this is NOT a teargas canister, but a propane cooking container.

Let this be an example of good crowd source.

Thanks for setting the record straight.  Now we know!:)


7 Responses to “Tear gas canister – Egypt – Man1”

  1. This is not a tear gas canister. It is an outdoor cooking gas canister, similar to propane.

  2. Upon further research, this seems to be a butane gas cartridge, manufactured for legal, camping, purposes, that the CSF used otherwise. I’ve searched all over since sending you that and can’t find any support for this being a teargas canister. Apologies.

  3. lol, OK. Thanks for clearing that up!

  4. This thing with Providus + on it is a camp-stove cartridge. Made by this Italian company

  5. here is the companies website
    It appears they make gas canisters for camping equipment. No mention of any weapons!

  6. I have updated the post with correct info you all provided. Thanks a lot.

  7. […] note is that the site has also proven itself as a resource for disproving false positives, such as this propane gas canister previously misidentified as a CS delivery […]

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