Red Arabic inscripted canister – Egypt – Alx2

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Another canister with Arabic inscriptions. Found in Alexandria, photographed by @Qoutb via @Catherina_News

The posted photo had the byline in arabic “قنبلة من انتاج المصانع الكيماوية الحربية اتضربت ف سموحة , الانتاج المحلي موجود ” Anyone do a human translation of this? (Tried ghoogle, but did not make much sense)

Not ID`d yet.

Here is a slightly photoshoped edition of the picture of that canister, maybe its easier to read? No?

Anyone able to read some of the Arabic inscription, or have other knowledge of this type of tear gas canister?


5 Responses to “Red Arabic inscripted canister – Egypt – Alx2”

  1. “قنبلة من انتاج المصانع الكيماوية الحربية اتضربت ف سموحة , الانتاج المحلي موجود”
    translates to
    “a bomb produced by the military chemical factory was used at Somoha (district in Alexandria), Locally produced tear gas is available”

    This is a – rather comic -reference that most tear gas canister were labeled made in USA

    It is an Egyptian quality to joke even in calamities

  2. hm.. so you are saying this is probably not a real tear gas canister, but a comic relief?

    If so. Interesting turn of events.

  3. This is actually a smoke or flash bomb – the translation of the second photo reads smoke bomb

  4. First thing written above: الكيماوية الحربية Chemical Warfare, the word right before Chemical, I do believe it’s صناعات coz it ends with letter “ت”.

    Arabic text written on the canister: قنبلة يدوية دخانية… Smoke Hand Grenade..
    below it written: لون أبيض = White Colour
    at the bottom what I can read before the white rectangle رقم اللون Colour No.

    we do manufacture such bombs in Egypt. This is one maufacturer:

    شركة قها للصناعات الكيماوية Kaha Company for Chemical Industries
    The link if of Military products:

  5. Thanks. That was very informative.

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