Yellow Arabic inscripted canister – Egypt – Tah15

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Our first non Made in USA or China (alleged) tear gas canister. Found in Tahrir, photo by Maggie Osama via @Catherina_News

No ID yet.

Anyone read arabic?


Update: Looks like this might be Egypt made. Probably by the “Military chemical company” Banha. Though this is unconfirmed.

Further one can speculate if this info is related to the aleged use of chemical weapons.

“In March 1989, United States and Swiss officials claimed that Egypt had imported from Switzerland the main elements of a plant capable of manufacturing poison gas. Mubarak denied that Egypt had either the facilities or the plans for producing chemical weapons.”

This quote is from this website.


5 Responses to “Yellow Arabic inscripted canister – Egypt – Tah15”

  1. I can make out name of the company but barely, it sounds like Banha for chemical products, it also says it has be placed where it can be conserved, and it lists the way in which you can use it. That’s where it gets tough given the torn out parts
    but I think number 1 says, re move the lid
    the rest is just vague sorry! it doesn’t say what’s it made of, and like I said the name of the company is suspect.
    sorry I couldn’t be of much help.

  2. Thanks. That’s a lot of help for us who are illiterate in Arabic!:)

  3. What habiba ahmed said.

    That matches what @eshraq told me: “@Catherina_News It’s not really clear, but it says in the middle “directions: 1-…,2-….” and “Note:……”

  4. Thanks, Ill try to cut and edit a little in photoshop. That might help to read the labeling.

  5. do let me know if you need further help, you know where to find me.

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