This  is blog is set up to collect images of tear gas canisters i.e used against protesters.

Each post aim to direct towards more information regarding that specific tear gas canister/agent.

The title of each post indicate

  • What type of agent (if known)
  • An ID spesifick for this database i.e Tah1
  • Country it was used

This is not meant to be substitute for professional medical help, but a point of reference.

There is also set up an twitter account (@tg_id) to help building of this blog/database.

Feel free to send pictures or ask questions @tg_id 🙂

Both this blog and twitter account is operated by @occupyoslo


One Response to “About”

  1. Here’s a bunch of links I gathered for my friend. We’re working on IDing some of this stuff, as you are. But as you have the site up already (and its GREAT and important) I thought I’d pass this info along to you. There’s some stuff that I IDed within this message, and made clear if you look at all the links. THANK YOU and please get back to me on this if you have a minute.
    Mark Miller

    Occupy Indianapolis!
    Occupy The Hood!
    Occupy The World!

    (supposed to be Italian-made 12mm rubber bullets out there, working on it, see above link)

    other weapon shit: (small picture of tear gas gun/canisters)

    raw riot truck, south korean: <– important, other us manufacturer of CS grenades <–tons of shit on here, gotta go over it later

    from syria: <— empty shotgun shell looks like italian one from wiki

    also syria:

    brace yourself if you're going to look at any of this – its really sad

    israeli canisters:
    Tear gas or smoke grenades and shot gun shells <– greek gas <— from bahrain (US made) <— bad ass site!! <— worth checking out later <— lastly, these fuckers are british. here is their grenades

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