CS tear gas canister – Bahrain – Bah5

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This is a familiar type of canister, often found in Egypt, now also Bahrain. Photo by  The New York Times via @Catherina_News


CS | MP – 3 – CS | Chemical irritant agent CS

NonLethal Technologies


Available trough this document – pdf (search fo UN number: UN0303



Strange tear gas canister – Bahrain – Bah4

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This wierd looking alleged tear gas canister was found in Bahrain, photo via @weloveOccupyNap

It will be very difficult to ID, but we still try.

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Food poisoning ID – Egypt – OccupyCabinet

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Help identify the cause of the food poisoning at #OccupyCabinet, Egypt December 14th 2011. Photo by Abdel Rahman Hussein

Information given so far.

  • Sick almost immediately/ after a few hours / after five hours
  • Casues nausea
  • Probably from sandwiches (hawawshi) brought there by an unknown woman.
  • Sandwiches were reported to contain lamb meat

Now I have narowed it down to two possible suspects (given it in fact is food poisoning) based on incubation time(time from eating til you get sick).

Bacillus Cereus (incubation time 1-6 hours)

Symptoms: nausea, throwing up

Staphylococcus Aureus (incubation time 1-8 hours)

Symptoms: nausea, stomach pain, throwing up, diarrhea, fever.

* Heavy metal – Cadmium (incubation time: 1 – 60 minutes)

Symptoms: nausea, stomach pain, throwing up, diarrhea.

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MP 6M5 CS – Bahrain – Bah3

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Second canister from the youtube video uploaded by Sanabisbh September 4th 2011 via @BahInjustice

Made in USA.


MP – 6M5 – CS | CS Multi smoke projectile | 5 projectiles

NonLetal Technologies |

Product spesification:

NonLethal Technologies – 37mm Multi smoke projectiles


GL 203/L Tear Gas – Bahrain – Bah2

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This is a canister among alot of canisters from a youtube video uploaded by Sanabisbh September 4th 2011 via @BahInjustice

Contrasting most tear gas canisters found in Egypt, this is made in Brazil.


CONDOR | Non Lethal Technologies

GL-203/L | Teargas | Multiple Carge

IDmark(?) RRV11

Also clarely marked


Product specifications:

Condor Nao-Letal – GL203L


555 CS canister – Bahrain – Bah1

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Our first Bahrain bound canister.

Photo by @SAIDYOUSIF via @angryarabiya

Looks rather familiar though.

Product catalog – Defense Technology (looks different but is the same product, cross check with CURRENT PART ID in the link below)

Federal Laboratories – Specification Manual (2006)

Material Safty Data Sheet – MSDS (link will be added soon!)


3430 short canister – Egypt – Tah18

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This tear gas canister was found in Tahrir on November 20th 2011, photo by Maggie Osma via @Catherina_News

This type we have definitely seen before.

Produced by Combined Tactical Systems, Inc – related to many of the other tear gas used by SCAF during the early Arabic winter.

Material data safety Sheet – MSDS

Product Catalog – page 4

Combined Tactical systems – Description