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3430 short canister – Egypt – Tah18

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This tear gas canister was found in Tahrir on November 20th 2011, photo by Maggie Osma via @Catherina_News

This type we have definitely seen before.

Produced by Combined Tactical Systems, Inc – related to many of the other tear gas used by SCAF during the early Arabic winter.

Material data safety Sheet – MSDS

Product Catalog – page 4

Combined Tactical systems – Description



518E RIOT CS – Egypt – Tah17

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This identifiable CS canister was found in Tahrir, photographed by @beko120

Looks like a very familiar case.

If past experiences is anything to go by (review the Tah9 case), this is produced by Federal laboratories. And one can read the labeling “518E RIOT CS”

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