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Tear gas canister – Egypt – Tah19

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This one was used in Tahrir December 16, after authorities had forbidden use of tear gas on protesters. Photo by @occupyindianapo

Though the marking is abit unclear do to he small size of  the photo. One can see the logo it is Combined Tactical systems.

Probably this one. (Though, not 100% confirmed!)

Outdoor Projectiles (100 M) – Description

Specification sheet –  4230

Material Data Safety sheet – MDSD



CS canister – Palestine – Pal1

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This grenade-like suspected tear gas canister was thrown directly at a protester in Palestine. Photo via @dalsaafin via @Catherina_News

This does not display any ID, but its morphology points in direction of something like this – by less lethal.

If you have more info on this one. Please make a comment or tweet at @tg_id


CS gas canister – Egypt – Tah9

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M-518 Riot CS gas canister, photo by @toriaar

Product info:

Defense technology: Riot control CS (Package look different but its supposed to same item)

MSDS:  Riot Control Grenad – 1082

*The reason the numbers on picture and data sheet are different is probably due to company changing naming-systems. Its still belived to be the same product (as evident by link below). If you have information otherwise, please leave a comment.

Riot control: Specification manual (2006)