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CS canister – Palestine – Pal1

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This grenade-like suspected tear gas canister was thrown directly at a protester in Palestine. Photo via @dalsaafin via @Catherina_News

This does not display any ID, but its morphology points in direction of something like this – by less lethal.

If you have more info on this one. Please make a comment or tweet at @tg_id



555 CS canister – Bahrain – Bah1

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Our first Bahrain bound canister.

Photo by @SAIDYOUSIF via @angryarabiya

Looks rather familiar though.

Product catalog – Defense Technology (looks different but is the same product, cross check with CURRENT PART ID in the link below)

Federal Laboratories – Specification Manual (2006)

Material Safty Data Sheet – MSDS (link will be added soon!)


3430 short canister – Egypt – Tah18

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This tear gas canister was found in Tahrir on November 20th 2011, photo by Maggie Osma via @Catherina_News

This type we have definitely seen before.

Produced by Combined Tactical Systems, Inc – related to many of the other tear gas used by SCAF during the early Arabic winter.

Material data safety Sheet – MSDS

Product Catalog – page 4

Combined Tactical systems – Description


518E RIOT CS – Egypt – Tah17

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This identifiable CS canister was found in Tahrir, photographed by @beko120

Looks like a very familiar case.

If past experiences is anything to go by (review the Tah9 case), this is produced by Federal laboratories. And one can read the labeling “518E RIOT CS”

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MK II 570 CS – Egypt – Tah16

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A tear gas canister found near Tahrir. Photo by @ghadasha

This canister is clearly marked “MK II 570 CS”, one can also read that its produced by “Federal laboratories”

As this is outdated by far, it will be diffiult to find any online description of this product.

Though we will try anyway.


This might be the same product as this one – 37mm short-range spede-heat

In which case, there is a – MSDS *Though keep in mind that the canister used is very outdated.



Red Arabic inscripted canister – Egypt – Alx2

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Another canister with Arabic inscriptions. Found in Alexandria, photographed by @Qoutb via @Catherina_News

The posted photo had the byline in arabic “قنبلة من انتاج المصانع الكيماوية الحربية اتضربت ف سموحة , الانتاج المحلي موجود ” Anyone do a human translation of this? (Tried ghoogle, but did not make much sense)

Not ID`d yet.

Here is a slightly photoshoped edition of the picture of that canister, maybe its easier to read? No?

Anyone able to read some of the Arabic inscription, or have other knowledge of this type of tear gas canister?


Yellow Arabic inscripted canister – Egypt – Tah15

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Our first non Made in USA or China (alleged) tear gas canister. Found in Tahrir, photo by Maggie Osama via @Catherina_News

No ID yet.

Anyone read arabic?


Update: Looks like this might be Egypt made. Probably by the “Military chemical company” Banha. Though this is unconfirmed.

Further one can speculate if this info is related to the aleged use of chemical weapons.

“In March 1989, United States and Swiss officials claimed that Egypt had imported from Switzerland the main elements of a plant capable of manufacturing poison gas. Mubarak denied that Egypt had either the facilities or the plans for producing chemical weapons.”

This quote is from this website.